Area of scientific involvement

  • behavioural ecology
  • movement ecology
  • bird conservation
  • eco-toxicology
  • conflict between birds and power lines
  • radar monitoring of collective behaviour
  • honest signals, oxidative stress and carotenoid-dependent characters

Technical expertise

  • Animal tracking: GPS-, GLS-, VHF- and RADAR-based studies with several bird species
  • Animal trapping: remotely activated traps for birds, mist-nets, small mammals trapping
  • Population studies: monitoring of nest boxes, bird ringing, collection of data on reproductive performance, long time series, IRD technologies: microchip for small animal tagging
  • Physiology studies: collection of organic samples (blood, tissue, morphological measurements)
  • Molecular studies: PCR, genetical analysis, oxidative stress analysis
  • Web services: web broadcasting of remotely-controlled camera systems dedicated to wildlife monitoring
  • Video systems: on-site installation of automated systems for monitoring nests & burrows


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