The Kestrel: Ecology, Behaviour and Conservation of an Open-Land Predator

Our latest publication with Cambridge University Press


Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the increase of scientific knowledge about the behavioural ecology of birds and other wildlife by designing and carrying out field studies using our own expertise or in collaboration with national and international partners.

We believe in the importance of scientific communication and we are committed to make people aware of the priceless value of biodiversity and of what its loss entails, and also of other environmental issues such as habitat reduction and the effect of pollution on wildlife.


Our activities

Our activities include GPS tracking of birds and other animals, radar monitoring of bird movements, nestbox installation in both natural and artificial sites, installation and management of webcams to broadcast nesting birds in real time. Furthermore, we have run several projects on the conflict between birds and powerlines.

We aim at supporting wildlife conservation, environmental protection, the sustainable management and exploitation of natural resources, and the reconciliation of man-wildlife conflicts.

14 researchers

passionate ornithologists

15 years

of field experience

A diverse team of scientists

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