Peregrine falcon artificial nests

In the last decades the peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus), once a very endangered species in Europe, has started to inhurbate, being attracted by the numbers of starlings and pigeons living in our cities. Cities have indeed plenty of preys for peregrine, but are rather scarce of nesting sites, mainly because of disturb and
lacking of nesting niches.
Since 2004 Ornis italica is mounting artificial nests
on high buildings in the city of Rome and other italian cities,
thus helping the recovering population of this raptor.
At the moment, 4 of the 5 breeding pairs of peregrine
falcons in Rome are breeding in artificial nests build by
our association, from where 28 chicks have fledged
in the last 6 years.
All these breeding pairs can be followed online from our
internet site where is possible
to watch all phases of the breeding.