Nest boxes of Eurasian Roller

From 2009, we started a cooperation with Terna,
the italian distributor of electricity, to build
and monitor nest boxes for Rollers (Coracias garrulus),
an endangered bird species.
Between 2009 and 2010 we mounted about 60 nests in the
region Latium, in central Italy and from 2010 30 in northern Italy, in Emilia Romagna.
At the moment only 15 nests have been occupied by rollers, that fledged about 50 youngs in 2010. 5 further boxes are now occupied by scops owls (Otus scops) which fledged about 23 youngs in 2010.
We are going to increase the number of these nestboxes and to start studies about the homeranges of the breeding birds and the wintering grounds of these little studied species.