Ornis italica is a no-profit scientific Association

Our expertises include GPS tracking of birds, installing nestboxes
for medium-large birds in both natural and
artificial sites, installing, managing and
hosting webcams on nesting birds.
Furthermore, we are running several projects
for the study of the conflicts between birds and powerlines.

Our Mission is to contribute to the increase of the global scientific knowledge
about the behavioural ecology of birds and other wildlife through designing and carrying out
of field and laboratory studies using our own expertise or in collaboration with national
and international institutions.

Our activities are aimed at supporting wildlife conservation, environmental protection, the sustainable management and exploitation of natural resources, and the reconciliation of man-wildlife conflicts. Furthermore, Ornis italica promotes the diffusion of scientific information and is committed to make people aware about environmental themes, such as awareness about biodiversity loss, habitat reduction, and pollution.

Ornis italica, Piazza Crati 15, 00199 Rome, Italy. Tel/fax: (+39)0774571974 e-mail: ornisitalica(at)gmail.com